A turnkey solution allowing both international and local licenced producers immediate and cost-effective access to the Australian cannabis market

One of the ways ACMA achieves this is by seamlessly channeling products to patients via Cannvaclinics, Australia's largest network of cannabis clinics


Australia is the 4th largest cannabis marketplace in the world with a population of over 25 million

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>100,000 patients consuming black-market cannabis

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Australia has full medical legalisation and is currently experiencing a shift towards decriminalising cannabis

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Australia has an average annual salary of around $80,000 (AUD) 

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ARPU of at least $6,000, LRPU of at least $60,000

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Australia is often referred to as the gateway to the Pacific and Asia 

“Cannvaclinics have transformed my clinical practice. We have over 20,000 patients in our 8 doctor clinic with Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It used to take me 10 hours plus to iniatie cannabis in one of my patients whereas with the automated Cannvalcinic software, it takes under 45 seconds. It’s a big win for me and an even bigger win for my patients.”

Dr Luke Crantock

Chief Gastroenterologist of Gastrointestinal Health Clinic


The ACMA Solution

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  • Converts a fixed cost in to a variable success-only cost

  • Allows immediate (typically under 90 days) access to the Australian market (rather than typically 1.5-2 years) and immediate access to dozens of cannabis prescribing doctors 

  • Full compliance with all Australian Government and Office of Drug Control regulations

  • Full sponsorship with the TGA (including provision of all mandatory requirements)

  • Access to the Drug Formulary+ for the Cannvaclinics (Australia’s largest network of Cannabis prescribing clinics)

  • Fast-track Cannvaclinic software allows doctor to file TGA applications in seconds reducing physician time-spend per patient facilitating rapid prescribing

  • Free access to CannaSafe, Australia’s only cannabis pharmacovigilance app allowing remote monitoring for cannabis safety to improve doctor’s confidence in prescribing